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Out of all the people in the world you have found, “the one”, or the “love of your life” to spend the rest of your lives with.

It is nearly equally important to find, “that one Celebrant”, that you would be happy to preside over your ceremony and to be involved and collaborate with you in creating some wonderful memories of that day for you both.

What is your ideal wedding? For Victoria Wheeler, it is the beauty, the elegance, or the fun and relaxed and down to earth feel of a fantastically wordsmithed bespoke ceremony that will kick-start your whole wedding day off and will be something that you and your family and guests will remember above anything else.

Victoria Wheeler is a Celebrant of some style. While Victoria Wheeler believes that your wedding should be celebrated in style too, it has to be “your style”. Will the product she is offering be in tune with what you think you want? She likes to write, “real ceremonies” for “real people”. Do you want a fun and relaxed ceremony, a traditional ceremony or something a little bit different?

Victoria Wheeler is young at heart, vibrant, friendly, fun, entertaining, cheeky, innovative, professional and an affably approachable Celebrant.

She always presents herself at your wedding well presented, well dressed according to your theme or dress code, her hair is always just so, or you never know, she may, just “wear a hat”.  She’s the hat lady Celebrant, which takes confidence to pull off. She has a clear speaking voice and uses a modern PA system so that all your wedding guests can hear easily.

So if there are “ wedding bells” on your horizon or any event that you wish to have officiated – give Victoria a buzz or email her……she’s tops!

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Other Services

Reaffirmation of Vows

Maybe you were young and fearless and ran away and “eloped”. Maybe there were circumstances prevailing at the time that you chose to marry quickly and your families were not present.

Maybe you will legally marry overseas (this sometimes is the case) in the future and want to hold a ceremony here in Australia in front of family and close friends who may not be able to attend your wedding overseas.

Maybe, you have had a tough few years, and just want to remind each other of your love and commitment going forward by reaffirming your vows in marriage.

And perhaps, you are one of those very lucky people who are about to celebrate a milestone anniversary and just want to reaffirm your vows in marriage and formally show in front of your family and friends how you still feel about each other.

Name Giving

If you are not into “religious christenings” and want to formally introduce your baby or young child to your family, friends and the wider community, Victoria Wheeler can prepare a civil Name Giving Ceremony that reflects your wishes.

The ceremonies themselves, can include, the releasing of balloons, time capsules, to be opened when the child reaches 21, fairy dust, verses and much, much, more.

Victoria provides beautifully prepared Naming and God Parent Certificates just for you.


Having lost her own father prematurely as a teenager, and a number of others close to her fairly early on in her life, Victoria Wheeler is only too well aware the difference a professional Celebrant can make to a Funeral or Memorial Service.

  Her view is that  she is a privileged witness, and that the ceremony be a celebration of a person’s life, rather than dwelling on their passing and absolutely, always, should be a true reflection and contain true elements of the deceased life, whether it has been a life lived well, or with difficulty.

Victoria is a celebrant with style!

I recently attended a family members wedding where I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria. She was very organised and maintained a professional but personalised and friendly service. The pink streak in her hair indicated that this celebrant has a bit of charisma and her card specifies that her services include Weddings, funerals, Name givings, Same-sex commitment Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows and all other special occasions!!! She may as well be wonder woman!

The ceremony went smoothly, she chatted with the groom and his mother, fitted the microphones and walked him through the line-up, she then chatted with the bride, set her at ease and gave her the run down. Victoria is very experienced and guided the bride and groom throughout the whole ceremony with not so much as a mispronounced name. Concealing the fact that no dress rehearsal had been conducted, quite convincingly.

It was a glorious day and a cool, calm and collected celebrant was a great investment. So if bells are on the horizon, or any event that you wish to have officiated- give Vic a buzz- she’s tops!


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